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Clauetta Sabrina Howard is a reflective artist and exclusive graphic designer with the aspirations of being affiliated with an active, futuristic organization that possesses the acumen in understanding the significance of meaningful, consequential advertisement that gives embodiment and specificity to its purpose and existence.   Sabrina has worked diligently to perfect and hone her gifts, talents and skills in order to sustain her desires in perpetuating an incessant, innovative career in graphic design.  


Thus, with such persistence she continues in her efforts to give illumination and recognition to the multidimensional intricacies associated with the field of graphic design.  


Ms. Howard is an energetic critical thinker who seeks to transcend the conventional mode of graphic design to a more contemporary texture.  Her work embodies unimpeachable and unsullied creativity that never fails to captivate the attention of her audiences.   She breathes life into ideas, proposals, sketches, images, and concepts through the uniqueness and exceptionality of her work and designs.  Consequently, such demonstrated talents and skills continue to retain the satisfaction of clients both small and large.   Ms. Howard’s work reaps of high quality and can be characterized with unparalleled superiority.  


Ms. Howard’s astounding ability to capture the essence of unspoken words and abstract images by transmogrifying them into an oasis of clear, distinct expressions speaks volumes of her educational accomplishments, her inventive repertoire of ideas, and her undeniable love for the Arts.  With such notable abilities and talents, Ms. Howard will continue to bring an aura of freshness to the field of graphic design.  She has the capacity to make a noticeable, advantageous difference in any organization. 


Atlanta College of Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Communication Design & Illustration

Graduated: May 1995



Lineage Healthcare.jpg

Artwork titled: "Obama Forever"

This one of a kind creation was sparked from an animated conversation with a fellow creative. I was challenged to paint this idea with a twist. My signature building up of canvas frames draped in an African garment with a blue collar button downed shirt and painted expressively , mimicing the Wakandian secret identity was my resolution to the challenge. 
Prints available.

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