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Atlanta College of Art | May 1995

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Communication Design & Illustration


Sabrina Howard is an esteemed artist from Jackson, Mississippi. Renowned for her captivating use of acrylic as a medium on multidimensional platforms, she possesses an extraordinary talent for translating unspoken narratives into tangible expressions, while infusing vitality into her meticulously crafted works. 

Born in 1972 in Jackson, Mississippi, Howard exhibited a passion for art from a very young age, laying the foundation for her future artistic endeavors. In 1995, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Atlanta College of Art, where she honed her skills and developed her distinctive artistic voice under the guidance of notable mentors. 

Howard's signature style revolves around the transformative power of acrylic, with her abstract compositions serving as a conduit for conveying profound emotions and messages. Influenced by her surroundings and personal experiences, her work resonates with depth and authenticity. 

Embarking on her creative journey, Howard quickly garnered attention for her exceptional talent, marking the beginning of a fruitful career characterized by numerous accolades and achievements. Howard is recognized as a  2024 Mississippi Invitational Artist and was awarded "Best of Show" at the Mississippi State Committee/National Museum of Women in the Arts Members' Showcase. Furthermore, she has been the featured artist for the National Medical Association's/Council on Concerns of Women Physicians for three consecutive years, alongside collaborations with the Release the Pressure campaign in partnership with Ebony and People Magazines. Howard's talent has been recognized through various awards and honors, reflecting her significant contributions to the art world and beyond.

Her work continues to inspire and captivate audiences, leaving a lasting imprint on the art community and society at large. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Howard is a devoted mother of four.  She currently resides and works in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, where she finds inspiration in the vibrant culture and rich artistic heritage of the region. Her journey as an artist is characterized by dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. Through her profound ability to breathe life into her creations, she has solidified her place as a distinguished figure in the contemporary art scene, leaving an indelible mark on all who encounters her work.

Awards & Honors


  • Mississippi Invitational Artist


  • Featured Artist, National Medical Association's Council on Concerns of Women Physicians

  • Greenfield Farm Plein Air Invitational Artist

  • Ten Most Influential Artist, Mississippi Heritage Trust


  • Featured Artist, National Medical Association's Council on Concerns of Women Physicians

  • Featured Artist, Release the Pressure Campaign, ESSENCE Magazine, Black Women Making History initiative


  • "Best of Show", Mississippi State Committee/National Museum of Women in the Arts, Members' Showcase

  • Featured Artist, National Medical Association's Council on Concerns of Women Physicians

  • Featured Artist, American Medical Association, Release the Pressure Campaign, an art-focused interstitial live painting for Her Heart Summit

  • Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL

  • Fellow/Lead Creative, Live Impact Create Initiative

  • Ten Most Influential Artist, Mississippi Heritage Trust


  • River House Artist in Residency, Whiterock Conservancy, Coon Rapids, Iowa


  • Best Street Artist

  • Speed Painting Champion, Mississippi Museum of Art, March Madness Painting Competition
    Mural Festival Street Artist

    Cooperation Jackson


  • Chicks We Love, Jackson Free Press 

Art Exhibits

Greenville Arts Council

2023 Members’ Showcase

E E Bass Cultural Arts Center

June 16-Aug 4, 2023

Greenville MS

Gum Tree Museum of Art

MSC/NMWA Members' Showcase
Best of Show


March 26, 2021

Tupelo MS

Municipal Art Gallery

Sabrina Howard: Solo Art Exhibit


Jackson MS

Walter Anderson Museum of Art

National Museum of Women in the Arts Group Art Exhibit

May 29- August 2, 2021

Ocean Springs, MS

Mississippi Museum of Art

Mississippi Invitational 2023

June 10 - September 17, 2023

Jackson, MS

Columbus Arts Council

The Art of Sabrina Howard

November 4, 2021

Columbus, MS

Arts Center Gallery

How We Fly: A Combined Art Show

Howard:: Brice ::Domnick


Jackson, MS

Black August Art Show

Cooperation Jackson


Jackson, MS

Gum Tree Museum of Art

The Art of Sabrina Howard:

A Retrospective


February 3, 2023 - March 30, 2023

Tupelo MS

JSU Gallery One

Who Is Sabrina Howard?

Solo Art Exhibit


Jackson, MS

Museum of Science and Industry

Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition

April 7 - July 4, 2021

Chicago, IL

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