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Journey into the world of fine art with Sabrina Howard Art. My highly requested artwork is an exquisite form of self-expression that can be felt rather than described. Discover the beauty and elegance of my pieces that will awaken your senses and engage your mind.

My Story

This series within my body of work is a multi-dimensional personal view of spirituality, culture, social issues and resolutions. The assemblages and color themes delineates a feel and are determined by the narrative of each work. Dimensional handwritten scripture, the Word of God as translated in the King James Version of the Bible, is a staple in these pieces, created in a curvy pattern with 3-D paint. Defined, figurative images accompany the text and mixed media, painted with acrylic onto the abstractly constructed canvases and wood. The results are intentional, emotion-laced, pieces that reflect my interpreted illustrations of the written scripture and assigned to me by God. Creatively reflecting these perspectives are important in hopes of generating understanding andresolutions.

The Artist Statement


I'm always looking for new and exciting

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