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Sabrina Howard

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Sabrina Howard (b.1972) is an artist from Jackson, Mississippi. She received her BFA from Atlanta College of Art in 1995. With her preferred medium, acrylic, Ms. Howard’s astounding ability to capture unspoken words using abstract platforms by transmogrifying them into clear, distinct expressions, breaths life into her scriptured pieces. Notable achievements include “Best of Show” for the Mississippi State Committee /National Museum of Women in the Arts, Members’ Showcase and has been the featured artist for the National Medical Association/CCWP for two consecutive years and with the Release the Pressure campaign in conjunction with Ebony and Peoples Magazine.


In addition to being a resident artist at the Whiterock Conservatory, she has exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry/Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition, The Walter Anderson Museum, Columbus Arts Council Gallery and the Gumtree Museum of Art to name a few. Sabrina is the mother of four and currently resides and works in Jackson, Mississippi.

Atlanta College of Art | May 1995

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Communication Design & Illustration

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